What are the main aspects of evil and chaos associated with Macbeth's rule?Macbeth’s rule marks a period of chaos and cruelty in Scotland. Only his death can restore peace and order.

kc4u | Student

Macbeth usurps the throne and his rule in Scotland is one of tyranny and chaos. After having usurped kingship, Macbeth's sole efforts are to ensure his safety and to hold on to power. He goes from fear to fear, passing sleepless nights, unleashing a reign of terror consisting murder and bloodshed. He appoints murderers to eliminate Banquo and his son, Fleance, in a bid to invalidate the prophecy with regard to Banquo's issues becoming future kings. Banquo is put to death with 'twenty trenched gashes' on his head, though Fleance escapes. He sends killers to the house of Macduff even after having known that Macduff fled to England. The killers terminate Lady Macduff, the children and all members of the family. Ever since the failed coronation banquet, the Scottish nobles begin to desert Macbeth, and they refer to him as the 'tyrant'. Macbeth's rule is marked by all sorts of terror and strong-arm tactics being unleashed, men being labelled as traitors and killed, widows howling and orphans crying, and the whole of Scotland being soaked in blood.