Please explain how Macbeth chooses to sin while accepting the consequences of his choices in Macbeth.

Expert Answers
teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Macbeth does make a conscious choice to sin in order to advance his cause.  When Lady Macbeth proposes drugging the guards so that Macbeth can murder Duncan, he wavers before deciding to go through with the plan.  Macbeth understands that killing Duncan is morally wrong, and he also acknowledges that the people of Scotland will be upset upon the death of Duncan because they regard him as a just king.  However, Macbeth's ambition trumps his moral judgement.  But even though he makes this choice consciously, Macbeth does not truly accept the consequences of his actions.  Macbeth does all he can to keep the truth hidden, and any time he suspects that there is a threat to his safety, he acts rashly and harshly.  Macbeth has many people murdered to cover up his crimes.  Even in the end, Macbeth vows to fight to the bitter end and understands that he will likely fall.  But this is not really an acceptance of fate--Macbeth just acknowledges that his death is inevitable.