In Macbeth what is the best 14-18 lines, a soliloquy which could allow you present a dramatic performance?Preferably a Lady Macbeth soliloquy :)

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I would choose Lady Macbeth's monologue in Act One, scene five that begins on line 39, "The raven himself is hoarse."  This soliloquy is packed full of passion; Lady Macbeth discovers her own ambition and vows to help her husband in his murderous deed.  Lady Macbeth appeals to the spirits to take away her feminine nature and imbue her with the power to wield a knife.  Not only is Lady Macbeth's dialogue filled with dark and disturbing imagery, but Shakespeare's repeated use of alliteration and assonance would make this monologue fun to read aloud.  This scene with Lady Macbeth is a profound moment in the first act, revealing a drive and desire for power in Lady Macbeth that rivals that of her husband's.


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