Macbeth NewspaperHi, I have to create a newspaper over Macbeth. I was wondering, what would be some good topics for articles or editorials that I could write about?

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A feature article on the banquet to celebrate Macbeth's investiture might be interesting. You would have to think of a tactical reason why Macbeth's behaviour is a little odd (after seeing Banquo's ghost).

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I am not sure criticizing Macbeth's rule is a good idea, unless I was very far away! I would NOT want to get on that one's bad side. You could try report the events as a newspaper editor pandering to Macbeth might do. You could write an article on how Malcolm and Donalbain planned Duncan's death, and maybe another one interviewing Banquo singing Macbeth's praises, and an article on "A Day in the life of Lady Macbeth" talking about how beautiful she is and how well she runs the palace life.
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How about an exclusive interview with Lady Macbeth -- the "Power Behind the Throne?"  Makes for an old-time newspaper byline, at least.  You could query her on her actions and ask about her motives.

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You could be a Scottish newspaper editor who is criticizing the way that the country is being run under Macbeth's rule.  Or you could be a reporter and you could report on the battle at the beginning of the play.  Or maybe you could be a gossip columnist and write snide articles about rumors that Macbeth thinks he's been talking to fortune-telling witches.