Macbeth having a weak/dependent personality I just need to figure out other reasons as to why Macbeth is weak, i have: -he listens and believes the witches, and obeys to lady macbeth (as he takes on the female role in their relationship) - and if he was a "real man" he wouldnt feel guilty for the murder (considering that stereotypically men are deemed to have no sense of emotion and should appear tough)

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Macbeth's wife was definitely an enabler.  She pushed her already violent and homicial husband.  Then should could not control him.  He also changes his moods and wishes with whims as he is influenced by different people.

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Macbeth does let himself be influenced by the women, but it is only because they are telling him all the things he wants to hear.  Do they manipulate him?  Absolutely!  But...he goes along with their suggestions willingly, even adding some ideas of his own (like murdering Banquo).  His ambition leads him astray. 

If the witches or even Lady Macbeth had come up with some alternative plan that he had not been so enthusiastic about (like being king), Macbeth would not have gone along with it. Macbeth does what Macbeth wants.

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