macbeth compare/contrast assignment.compile two list of the characteristics of mecbeth and act 1-3 in the play

jessicaberg | Student

Whether on purpose of not, Shakespeare introduces us to Macbeth and Banquo at the same time.  They are both men of valor and bravery as we through the dialogue of King Duncan and his men discover their selfless acts during battle.  Upon hearing the prophecy of the three witches, however, the readers (or audience) begin to see a difference in these two men.  Macbeth's reveals himself to be gullible, easily led by others, and rather spineles (as he needs his wife's prodding to actually kill King Duncan).  The more he fantasizes about becoming king, the more evil he becomes.  However, after he actually kills King Duncan to become king, guilt begins to eat away at his conscience.  His decline after the act of murder is steady and swift.  Banquo, however, is Macbeth's literary foil.  He jests at the witches prophecies and even laughs at them.  Banquo, throughout the first three acts, proves himself a loyal friend and subject.  His shrewdness and common sense thinking sadly does not save him from his over-ambitious "friend", Macbeth.