In Macbeth act III scene 3, what happens during the ambush?

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In Act III, Scene 3 Macbeth's hired murderers execute their plan to ambush Banquo and Fleance.  The father and son approach, and Fleance carries a torch.  As Banquo comments about possible rain, the first murderer springs into action, saying aloud "Let it come down" (14).  The first murderer snuffs out Fleance's torch, plunging the lane into darkness while the other two murderers leap upon Banquo to kill him.  Banquo cries out for Fleance to "fly, fly, fly, fly! Thoust mayst revenge" (15). 

Fleance is able to escape in the dark, leaving the murderers to blame each other about their lack of success in completing the job.


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