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by William Shakespeare

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In Macbeth Act 4 scene 3, quote the lines in which Macduff swears personal vengeance on Macbeth.

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When this scene begins, the audience has already been primed to feel sympathy towards Macduff, given the violence enacted upon his family in the preceding scene, which ends with Lady Macduff fleeing from the stage and crying "Murder!", pursued by her would-be killers. In the next scene, then, our sympathies are with Malcolm when he states that, although Macduff has "loved [Macbeth] well," he is a "tyrant."

Macduff counters, "I am not treacherous," to which Malcolm responds neatly, "But Macbeth is."

This is the essence of the matter, and Malcolm gently coaxes Macduff to a point where he can agree that "not in the legions / Of horrid hell can come a devil more damn'd / In evils to top Macbeth." Arguably, Macduff sets himself in his mind, at least, to murder Macbeth when he answers Malcolm's question as to whether a man like this is fit to govern...

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