Macbeth Who do you find to be the most complex/interesting character in Macbeth? Why?   Who is your favorite character in Macbeth and why?   Who is your least favorite and why?   Who would make the best friend? Spouce? Parent? Politician? Teacher? Leader? and why?

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Macbeth himself is my favorite character. He represents the pitfalls of lacking integrity. The impetus for Macbeth's demise is not necessarily found in Macbeth's mind, but in his willingness to be ruled.

This is ironic, of course, because his ambition is to become a ruler. Yet, his wife persuades him to act and to betray his leader and his friend. His actions are certainly morally reprehensible and he deserves what he gets, but he was only going along.

Macbeth, then, stands for the evil of not standing up for what is right. The fact that he does not generate the ideas for his actions makes his moral standing complex and interesting. He is the man caught in the middle who has betrayed himself, his...

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