I`m working on adding polynomials.Does anybody know what 3 (3xsquared + 1x - 5)?

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Your problem is 3 (3x^2 + 1x - 5).

In a case like this, what you need to do is multiply each part of the polynomial by 3.

3 (3x^2) = 9x^2

3 (1x) = 3x

3 (-5) = -15

So, you are left with this:

9x^2 + 3x - 15

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Seeing as how the question was answered already by the teacher above, I'll provide a calculator answer to the question with some explanations.
Your question: 3(3x^2 + x - 5)

          = 3* (3x^2 + x -5)

by distributive property, you multiply 3 to all 3 the coefficients and constant.
            A: 9x^2 + 3x - 15

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