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I do believe that Lyddie is, for the most part, happy in Lowell.  Life is not super easy for her there.  She is working in the textile mills, and she is putting in long hours.  Her bosses are not all nice.  In fact, one of her bosses tries to sexually assault her.  But overall, Lyddie likes the city, likes the job, and likes living in Lowell.  Being a factory girl has opened up a new kind of independence for Lyddie.  When the story begins, the reader learns that Lyddie's family has some large debts.  Lyddie strives to free herself from those kinds of financial burdens, and working in the textile mills gives her financial freedom.  She isn't dependent on anybody except herself.  She makes some good friends while there, she learns to read, and she begins to understand the importance of a good education.  Yes, I believe that Lyddie was mostly happy in Lowell. 

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