In Pride and Prejudice, which characters in the novel share Elizabeth’s views of marriage and which characters reflect society’s perspective?

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mickey2bailey eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth views marriage as a total committment of body and soul and that is the reason for marrying.  Other characters display opposite views. Mr. Collin's approaches marriage as a business agreement where he will provide for his wife, but there are no emotions involved.  Since he has been given a parish by Lady Catherine de Bourgh, she wants him to get married and represent the church in a proper manner.  He goes from Jane to Elizabeth and finally ends up with Charlotte.  Charlotte feels that no marriage could ever be truly happy and to marry was the only solution to rescuing a woman from a life of poverty.

Mrs. Bennet is only concerned with marrying off her 5 daughters.  She knows that they have no inheritance from the father, because it has to go to a male, so the only chance for the Bennet girls is to get married.

Darcy marries for love also because he doesn't fall for Miss Bingley and her lavish, rude comments about the negative characteristics of Elizabeth in an effort to win his affection.  Also he does not fall for Georgianna and her witty remarks to win his affection.  He has loved Elizabeth from the start.

Jane and Bingley are truly in love.  They had to overcome a lot of intereference from Caroline, Georgianna, and to a point, Darcy, but Darcy thought Jane didn't really love him and he was trying to avoid a possible doomed marriage.

renelane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Although none share Elizabeth's view completely, some of the characters do to an extent. Elizabeth's sister Mary is far more interested in reading her books than in going out to find a husband. At first, Charlotte, Elizabeth's best friend, agrees with some of Elizabeth's views, yet in the end she bitterly disappoints Elizabeth when she marries for security and money because she feels it would be her last opportunity to marry. The furthest view of marriage from Elizabeth's is that of her mother, Mrs. Bennet, who has an obsession with marrying her daughters off.

sparrowink | Student

This is in response to mickey2bailey.

"Also he does not fall for Georgianna and her witty remarks to win his affection."


Georgianna is Mr. Darcy's sister. Of course he does not fall for her.

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