In Luke 19:41-44 why did Jeus weep over the city of Jerusalem?

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As his ministry on earth was drawing to a close, Jesus reflected, and ultimately wept for Jerusalem's fate, knowing that he was about to be rejected and suffer a most horrific separation from God.  He had spent three years and countless hours trying to point the way of the people back to God, and at this point, as he wept, he knew, and even commented aloud, that Israel would soon be sacked and the people would have never even realized how close they had been to knowing God, and knowing eternal life through Him.  One Kansas City area pastor has thus described what Jesus offered, saying, "The worst thing is never the last thing.  Death will not have the final word." Jesus, of course, was the messenger of these ideas, sometimes called "the good news", and he was weeping because his work and words appeared to have been in vain for Jerusalem.   

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