Describe Jesus's instructions to the seventy apostles when he sent them out to minister in the Book of Luke, Chapter 10, Verses 2-16.

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Jesus left nothing to chance when he instructed these seventy (some say seventy two) out into area to spread his word about the Kingdom of God in preparation for his personal visit to come later.  He sent these messengers in pairs, probably for safety purposes, as well as to provide encouragement to each other, told them to travel lightly, without money purses, luggage or even shoes, avoid greeting people on the road (to avoid getting sidetracked), and to accept graciously whatever food or drink was offered them as they entered someone's home.  Jesus gave these people great authority to discuss the Kingdom of God, heal the sick, and pronounce the consequences of those who reject his messengers.  To reject his messengers is to reject him and God himself, and in verses eleven through sixteen he articulates several examples, more or less, of people whose suffering at the hands of God will be less than those who reject him and his messengers at this time. 

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