What is the significance of the relationship between Armand and Louis?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the end, Armand forces Louis to recognize his own sense of identity.  The relationship between them is significant because it forces reckoning.  Louis must commit to a belief of life, a philosophy of consciousness as a result of his relationship with Amand.  Throughout his being, he has always been able to avert this.  Lestat refused to engage in any such discussion with him about this.  Claudia struggled with it herself, ensuring that such discussion would not reveal what it is that Louis must do.  The relationship with Armand is significant because Armand gives the answers that Louis has so devoutly sought.  At the same time, the relationship with Armand is more of an exploration or a journey to the source of all answers.  By virtue of his age and longevity, Armand compels Louis to fact the questions of existence that have been remained unanswerable or issues that he simply did not want to answer.  The questions of evil, how one lives with eternal condemnation or life, as well as the role of ethical and moral responsibility are all brought out in his relationship with Armand, noting it with significance.

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