Lucy Graywanted to get the explanation of the poem "Lucy Gray"

drrb | Student

Lucy Gray is Wordswoth's account of man and nature living in a harmony. But there is a tragic note. Lucy Gray is the solitary girl child. She was brought up in nature and she cannot survive in a city. The story is meaningful . Lucy wanders a lot but could not reach the town. In her frantic search for the parents ,she died. Her footprints are traced near the middle of a wooden bridge.  It became clear to her parents that she would never return. She died and in her death she was mingled in nature to which she really belonged. Lucy's inability to reach the town is almost symbolic. She cannot bear the artificialities of life. Wordsworth makes the account of Lucy's death ever poignant.  The Lucy poems also depicted one Lucy who died on the moor and the poet imagined Lucy to be still living in the elements of nature. Here also we find Lucy Gray dying and mingling with nature. In Wordsworth's poem nature is usually joyous. But this poem gives us an ever tragic picture of Lucy's death.