loyaltieschatracter sketch of ronald dancy in detail  

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Dancy is actually a complicated psychological character, which indeed needs to be the case for a character representing the thematic idea of the limitations of the loyalty of belonging. Dancy likes thrills and action and the adrenaline rush of danger: he has the true heart of a warrior. And, true to that heart in an unregulated or untamed state, he is reckless and daring when away from battle as well. His reckless daring causes him serious trouble that is compounded by fearful and reckless attempts to solve it (i.e., his daring theft of money from De Levis). When faced with the consequences of his recklessness, he finds he lacks the needed rectitude to bear the burden of his daring and recklessness, so escapes with the ultimate finality.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In some ways, Dancy is the stereotypical soldier. War changes people. I think soldier stereotypes come in two forms: the traumatized soldier and the thrill-seeker. Dancy is the latter. He misses the excitement of war, and gets into trouble in his civilian life trying to recreate that rush.

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sidmufc | Student

Dancy is the central character of this play.He is a retired D.S.O.He has served in the defence forces.He is a dashing and daring military officer.But he has a weakness,a serious one-of jumping into risks of all sorts.He is reckless in his nature.He gifts a filly to De Levis and then steals the money from De Levis' room.

Dancy is the writer of his own woes.he breaks off his relationship with Ricardos' daughter,makes a promise to pay her the compensation secretly,only to hide his affair from his wife Mabel.He is incapable of doing any job-neither in paying the compensation now keeping it a secret.The result is quite expected-he commits suicide finding himself a misfit in social relations..........

Dancy may have some bad qualities,but he is a beloved of his friends.His friends Charles Winsor,general Canynge,Major Colford all are ready to do anything to save him.He has betrayed his wife Mabel but she is ready to wait till he comes out of jail.He is the only character in the play who shows some development..

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