Are low turnout rates a threat to democracy?   Are low turnout rates a threat to democracy?  

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Low voter turnout rates indicate one of several things: people are unable to be informed and to participate due to health, over-work, interest or other reasons; people do not have the capacity to understand issues and the meaning of politician's platforms due to educational limitations, age, health, or other reasons; people are cynical and jaded about politics and politicians due to scandals, votes by "representative conscience" rather than by "will of the represented," escalating domestic and/or foreign crises or other reasons. In each of these scenarios, the loss of votes makes a marked difference to the outcome of a democratic representative election. Each group under-represented--the aged, ill, over-extended workers, under-educated, idealists, those opposed to status quo--would weight the results of an election to a statistically significant degree and might alter the ultimate choices made by government. So low voter turnout is a threat to representative democracy. Without these...

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