The Lovely Bones Questions and Answers
by Alice Sebold

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In The Lovely Bones, what did Mr. Harvey cut Susie's body up with? A straight razor? A knife?

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The torturous and murderous Mr. Harvey cuts up young Suzie's body with a knife. He dismembers her in order to hide her body. The rape and murder of Suzie is made all the more horrific by the dismembering of her body, as Harvey slices her body with a knife. He violates her in life thrugh rape and in death through the dismembering of her corpse, and this makes her murder even more particularly gruesome. Harvey mistakenly leaves her elbow behind, which is an immensely blatant mistake for a serial killer to make. Due to his carelessness, a neighborhood dog finds the poor girl's elbow, and this eventually leads to an intense and complicated investigation into Suzie's death. If Harvey had not cut up her body with the knife, it is possible her death would have remained a tragic mystery.

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mkcapen1 | Student

In the book "The Lovely Bones" Mr. Harvey set a trap by digging a whole and lining it with some boards and enticed Suzie Salmon into the "club house."  He raped and killed her.  Mr. Harvey turned out to be a serial killer who had killed many girls and some women.  Suzie was just one of his victims.

Mr. Harvey knew that he could not keep Suzie's body whole if he wanted to get rid of the body.  He waited until it rained heavily and carried her body back to his house in a plastic bag.  He had cut her up and accidently left behind her elbow.

"The glorious white flesh that had never seen the sun, like an infant's, and then split so perfectly, with the blade of his knife."(56)