"I love you more than everything else in the world combined. Isn't that enough?" Bella asks Edward.  Why does she say "isn't that enough"?This is right at the end of Twilight, just after Edward...

"I love you more than everything else in the world combined. Isn't that enough?" Bella asks Edward.  Why does she say "isn't that enough"?

This is right at the end of Twilight, just after Edward asks if it isn't just enough for him to stay with Bella ... and she replies "enough for now". But then Bella says to Edward how much she loves Edward, and says "isn't that enough?" I do not understand why Bella is asking Edward if it's enough, as there he is not asking for something. However, after thinking about it ... it seems that the reason Bella says "isn't that enough", is because she is asking if her love is enough for him to make her a vampire.

Am I correct? What are your thoughts?

Also ... what did you think about the ending to the first Twilight novel?

Expert Answers
ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Very well thought out harleymiller, you answered you own question.  Bella is definatelly appeling to Edward to transform her into a vampire.  She is all dressed up and he has come to take her to the prom.  She says she was hoping it would be something else.  She is ready to be changed.  Edward asks her ready for what ?  "To be changed to a monster?" 

Bella is not going to give up.  She appeals to his sense of love and to the idea that she wants to be with him forever.  She tries t convince him that this can't happen unless he transforms her.  He decides there will be no compromise between the two of them at that point in time, so they kiss and the story ends.

I think the ending was very good, because the story has closure.  If the book had not been a commercial success and no sequels had been written, the reader would not be left hanging.  By ending the book the way Meyer did, the plot was left open enough to have further books, but if not, the story would not have been ruined.

Are you going on to read "New Moon?" It is a very good book also.

zumba96 | Student

Basically Bella will and would leave everything for Edward, even her humanity. She is basically saying I've done this much can't you just turn me into a vampire? I think the ending was ok, the only thing I dislike is how some young girls may think it's that easy to find true love.

udonbutterfly | Student

Yup you got it! Bella basically meant that she had already given up her life and world for him the least he could do was turn her into a vampire however Edward refuses. The ending was great! It wasn't too sappy but it had the right amount of love and humor. It complemented both characters really.

vbchic | Student

that is a really good question.  i agree with thats the reason she asks.  it makes sense once you think about it.  and i loved the ending.  it was perfect!!!  i cant wait to see new moon!!!!!

totally-me | Student

you are right about bella asking if its enough....                   i liked the ending it was like a cliff hanger but not it didnt give anything away about the 3 squels but made you want to find out more.

i loved the ending it gets you wondering if edward would change bella.Of course to edward because he loves her he wants her to stay human but because bella loves him she wants to be a vampire to be with him forever
harleymiller | Student

I agree very much about the ending. It's great how just the first Twilight can have it's only significance and greatness, even if there would be no other books.

I will read New Moon soon yes. It will be interesting to see how Jacob's character evolves. I'm also interested as to if anything happens with Victoria - if she is in hunt of revenge...