Love Triangle between Hamlet, Claudius, and Gertrude? Was there a love triangle between Hamlet, Claudius, and Gertrude?

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Perhaps the term "love triangle" isn't quite right; however, there is an underlying sexual tension between mother and son, and a great deal of jealousy between Claudius and Hamlet in pursuit of Gertrude's affections.  Likewise, Gertrude is torn between her love for her son and her love for Claudius. 

Hamlet's rage, as many scholars have argued, is Oedpial in its intensity.  Some have even suggested that Hamlet rapes his mother (which is how Franco Zeffirelli interprets the post-Polonious murder scene between Hamlet and Gertrude.)

Still, as Marc Shell argues in his study, Children of the Earth, what makes Hamlet so compelling "is not his unconscious refusal to be patricidal and incestuous, but rather his conscious refusal to actually become patricidal and incestuous."

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therestissilence | Student

No. Not in that sense. There is the love/lust between Getrude and Claudius, and Gertrude's love for her son, but nothing other than that.

There is no Oedipus complex in the story, that's just something some people made up because they wanted to sound smart.

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lit24 | Student

The term "love triangle" refers to an extramarital relationship, in which one of the married couple has a relationship with a third person.

There is certainly no "love triangle" in the relationship between Claudius and Gertrude and Hamlet.

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