Is love a theme in the play "Fences"?

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bmadnick eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The feelings the Maxon family has for each other are a consequence of the themes of the play, rather than being a theme by itself. The most obvious theme is the fences that people build around themselves or around others. Troy builds a fence around his son to limit his son's opportunities to achieve something in sports. As a result, Cory despises his father and stays away from his family for seven years. Troy has built a fence of anger and hostility around himself. His anger stems from the racial prejudice that he felt kept him out of baseball. Troy is also overwhelmed by his responsibilities as the father, husband, and breadwinner of the family. This is why he turns to another woman, and his affair signals the end of his marriage, even though he and his wife stay together. As a result of these themes of fences, limited opportunities, the burden of responsibility, and racial prejudice, the Maxon family is torn apart until Troy's death at the end.

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omla | Student

i believe love is a theme in fences