Are love and reminiscence connected?IF YES, THEN HOW?

Expert Answers
literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Given that this question is posted under T. S. Eliot, I can only assume that you are examining a poem by him which speak to the ideas of both love and reminiscence. Unfortunately, Eliot has many poems and I could not figure out which one exactly your question is in reference to.

That being said, love and reminiscence are connected. Reminiscence is the act of recalling a forgotten experience or fact. Many times, one can reminiscence about a love lost, forgotten love, or the tragedy of love from the past.

For example, when walking into a family member's home (after an extended time away) the smell of the food brings back memories. These memories can be tied to a food which you may not have had in a while, but remember loving.

Another example of the connectedness of love and reminiscence can be seen when a couple who used to be in love look back at their past relationship. Perhaps they had forgotten how in love they were and seeing each other brought back the feelings.

Given that both love and the act of remembering are so strong, they are definitely connected.