Love in Great Expectations? What is the best example of the theme of love in Great Expectations?

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I'd say there are some good examples of real love in this book.  For example, Joe and Biddy have an innocent and happy relationship.  Wemmick loves the Aged parent.  Are there good examples of passionate romantic love?  Not really.  The love is more familial.  The message seems to be that romantic love is dangerous.  Pip's passion for Estella results in only heartache.  Miss Havisham is ruined by love, and teaches Estella to be so cold that she can never have a normal relationship with anyone.

In addition to Joe's love for Pip, Magwitch shows the same sort of fatherly love toward the novel's protagonist .  He is, also, the character who is ultimately able to teach Pip how to love unconditionally.  Through years of hard work, Magwitch repays Pip for providing him with food when Pip was a child.  When Magwitch returns to reveal himself as Pip's benefactor, Pip is utterly repulsed.  However, after spending time with Magwitch, Pip understands and appreciates what Magwitch has done...

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