If the Louisiana Purchase never happened how would our country look today?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If the Louisiana Purchase never happened, our country would probably still look the same today. While the Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of our country in 1803, it is very likely we have expanded into this territory at some point in time. Based on other events in our history, we expanded into territories or lands that were not our lands at one point in time. We expanded into Texas when the Spanish wanted settlers to come there. Eventually, we annexed Texas as one of our states after Texas got its independence from Mexico. We got the southwestern part of the United States in the Mexican-American War. We got the Pacific Northwest in a treaty with Great Britain in the 1840s. Events would have occurred in the Great Plains region that would have eventually led to this area becoming part of the United States. Thus, our country most likely would look very similar to what we see today even if we didn’t have the Louisiana Purchase.

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