Louis XIV effects  What are some Short term effects and Long term effects Louis XIV had on history?

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Louis XIV famously proclaimed, "I am the state." He became king of France in the mid-1600s, the heyday of the doctrine of the "divine right of kings," also known as monarchial absolutism. This ideology decreed that the king, because he was appointed by God, had no obligations to any human being or class of human beings. He could do whatever he wanted regardless of the desires of the aristocracy or of the common people, who had no right to protest or rebel against his rule. 

Louis XIV asserted his so-called divine rights aggressively. Unsurprisingly, Louis's attempts to centralize power that had traditionally been dispersed amongst the aristocracy angered aristocrats. He decided he would make decisions about regional policies in France that had formerly been the right of the noblemen who owned the land in that region. Because of his attempts to centralize so much power in himself, a short term result of his rule was a civil war called the Fronde, in which the nobles rebelled against...

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