Louis XIVWhat are some Political, social, and economic conditions PRIOR to Louis XIV gaining power

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One of the reasons that things were so rough before Louis XIV was that it took his parents so long to conceive, so Louis XIV was born as his father was dying. This is why his father established a regent, becauss a baby cannot rule. His mother went against her husband's wishes as established herself as the sole regent until her son was old enough to rule. A civil war, the Fronde, broke out until Louis took the throne.
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During the reign of Louis XIII, France saw a growing concentration of power in the hands of the monarch, thanks in large part to the efforts of Cardinal Richelieu. Richelieu helped weaken the power of French Protestants and thus strengthen the power of the Catholic Church. He also sought to strengthen France's power in international relations.

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In the years before Louis XIV took power, France was at times in a bit of chaos.  There were rebellions by the nobles who wanted to take more power for themselves.  France was being run by a regent because Louis was too young and it was while the regent was ruling that the rebellion (called the Fronde) broke out.