What are services that are offered “in the cloud” and the benefits to business or individuals.

Expert Answers
Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The salient aspect about the cloud is that it brings together all technology devices owned by any entity allowing for storage, retrieval, social networking etc, all through one overarching technology mechanism, one overarching "cloud" that allows selective monitoring, operating and interacting among many device options. These device options might include your work mobile phone, your personal mobile phone, your work and personal laptops, your work desktop computer, your MP3 player, etc.

The benefit to businesses is that employees can keep up to date even with flex hours and job sharing; even when traveling; even when project reorganizations or updates are underway. Employees can continue to work uninterrupted on projects and toward goals with their team or department members or on independent assignments without failure because they can access any information they need from anyplace they are through any device they have on hand since all devices are part of the cloud and have mutual sharing, storage, collaboration, etc.

Individuals have the same advantages even if on a less dramatic scale. Individuals' devices might include iPhone, iPad, Kindle, other e-readers, MP3 player, etc. Data, storage, sharing, collaboration, access is available for all through all, just as for businesses.