How is "Lord Ullin's Daughter" a romantic poem? 

Expert Answers
coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the poem 'Lord Ullin's daughter' Thomas Campbell displays much of the Romantic poet's admiration for imagination in poetry. So one of the first places to look in the poem is for examples of imaginative poetic writing. The theme itself is very imaginative and romantic. The young girl and her bridegroom have run away from a disapproving father, who wishes to pursue her through thick and thin to bring her back. They make hast their escape across open water, whilst being chased by Lord Ullin and his men. As if that wasn't enough, a storm appears to be brewing overhead and Campbell gives us a very romantic imaginative description of the storm clouds gathering right over the boat, and the waters broiling and tossing ready to inundate the loving couple at any moment. There is great imagination too in the image at the end - when Lord Ullin finds his daughter, it is too late. She has one arm cast out towards him, and one clasped sweetly around her bridegrooms neck - both are drowned.