In Lord of the Flies what are the hunters chanting?

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The hunters chant: “Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood.”


The book depicts a group of British schoolboys who are stranded on a deserted island during a plane crash in some unknown war.  At first the boys elect a leader and try to maintain stability.  However, soon the society they develop begins to decay.  One aspect of this is the hunting.


A procession had appeared, far down among the pink stones that lay near the water’s edge. Some of the boys wore black caps but otherwise they were almost naked. They lifted sticks in the air together whenever they came to an easy patch. They were chanting… (CH 4)


The boys wear war paint and do dances as they focus on not just the nourishment the pig provides, but the blood rush they get from killing the pig.  The focus becomes the pig itself, its death, and the killing of it.