In "Lord of the Flies," what further characteristics of Piggy are revealed in chapter 2?

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In chapter two, Piggy reveals that he is a logical, sensible individual during the assembly by accurately describing the boys' situation and attempting to solve the issue regarding the "beastie" pragmatically. Piggy's insistence that Jack obey the conch and not interrupt others while they are addressing the group reveals that he values democracy and organization. When the boys rush toward the top of the mountain in the middle of the assembly, Piggy chastises them for their adolescent behavior, which reveals that he is mature and intellectually more developed than the other boys on the island. On the top of the mountain, Jack snatches Piggy's glasses from his face, and Piggy yells in vain but does not recover his specs. Piggy's reaction to Jack's offensive behavior reveals that he is defenseless and vulnerable. He also illustrates that he is easily offended, when Ralph dismisses his lecture and Jack continually interrupts him. Piggy's refusal to physically challenge Jack illustrates that he is weak and cowardly. Piggy also reveals that he is a proud English boy, who values civilization and order above everything else.

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Chapter two reveals a few qualities of Piggy.  The reader can see that he is a "whiner" - when the boys won't listen to him, he quickly begins to whine about their situation.  We also see that he unlike most of them is really taking the situation somewhat seriously.  He informs the group that no one knows where they are, he lectures them on establishing and following rules, and he is critical of their fire building.  He also adamantly insists that the boys respect the authority of the conch shell and the person holding it.

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