In Lord of the Flies, what chapter is it when Jack kills the pig the first time?

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gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jack and his band of hunters successfully kill their first pig in chapter 4. When Jack enlists the help of Samneric to join the hunt, the twins dismiss their duty of maintaining the signal fire at the top of the mountain. While Jack and his hunters are out in the forest tracking down pigs, Ralph spots a passing ship. Unfortunately, the signal fire is extinguished, and the ship passes the island without stopping. However, Jack returns to Ralph and the others in a triumphant mood as he elaborates on the way his hunters encircled and killed their first pig. While Jack is telling his story, Ralph simply responds by saying, "You let the fire go out" (Golding, 47). Despite Ralph's irritation, Jack is proud of his accomplishment, and the boys collectively feast on the first pig.

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