What are some of the obstacles the boys must overcome on the island?

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I believe that you are asking about the book The Lord of the Flies by William Golding. The boys must overcome quite a few obstacles on the island.  Initially, the obstacles are all focused on basic survival and potential rescue.  The boys must find access to fresh water, and they must figure out a food source of some kind.  Fortunately the island has a fresh water source and a seeming abundance of pigs.  The boys must also overcome the obstacle of needing a shelter.  The boys are successful with that as well.  Disease prevention is important, which is why Ralph sets up a place for the boys to go to the bathroom that would stay clean.  In order for a chance at rescue, the boys need a way to signal passing ships or aircraft.  Starting and maintaining a fire is a serious obstacle in the beginning of the story.  As the story progresses, the main obstacle that the boys must try to overcome is fighting amongst themselves.  


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