Name and describe the first two characters we meet in Lord of the Flies.  

Expert Answers
kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The first two characters we meet are Ralph and Piggy. Ralph is described as being strong and handsome with a certain coolness about him that gives him an air of leadership. He is eager to make sense of things, get the boys organized, and try to get rescued. He believes that his father (who is in the Navy) will come rescue him "as soon as he gets leave."

Piggy is enormously fat, having difficulty with his digestive system after eating too many berries, and eager to make friends. He is very trusting and tells Ralph that his nickname was Piggy. He is hoping that Ralph will not share this with everyone else but is soon disappointed. He says that he has asthma. He also tells Ralph that his aunty let him eat as much candy as he wanted and that he cannot see without his glasses.

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