I am writing an analysis essay on Lord of the Flies, and I need a thesis that incorporates the following: leadership, good and evil, and order and chaos. I just need help blending these ideas together.

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It is important to know what a thesis is. A thesis is a debatable point that is the main point of an essay or speech. It is what you are trying to prove. In light of this, let me give you a few possible thesis statements.

First, the absence of law and order will necessarily lead to evil, because the default condition of the human heart is evil.

Second, society, no matter how imperfect, is better than the lack of society, because people left to themselves will create chaos to the detriment of all. With this thesis, you can talk about the conch and how it represents society, and so the destruction of it represents the lack of society.

Third, chaos and evil lurk in all hearts, even young boys. Only good leadership curbs this propensity.

All of these statements are debatable. Moreover, there are plenty of points that you can make from the book. 

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