In Lord of the Flies how did the kids get to the island, and did they all make it there?

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The boys are students at an all-male boarding school in England during the World War.  They are being evacuated as bombing has begun and the adults fear for the boys' safety.  The plane is hit, supposedly by an enemy rocket or missile, during their evacuation to a safer location.  This is how they end up on the island, and why they are not rescued more quickly.  The plane went down in an area where there are probably many places/islands the boys could have gone, and  it is not until the island is set on fire to smoke out Ralph that rescue ships locate them and zero in for rescue.

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In this work, a group of British schoolboys are stranded on an island somewhere in the Pacific after their plane crashes. Piggy says at the opening of the novel, "I expect there's a lot more of us scattered about." It is not made clear by Golding whether or not there were other children who died in the crash. The reader does know for certain, however, that the pilot was killed in the crash. The different groups of boys join up and there becomes a struggle for leadership between Ralph and Jack. As the plot progresses, it explores the journey the boys take into the heart of evil.

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  1. The kids are students that are being evacuated as bombing has begun during the World War, the plane is hit but something and lands on the island. We don’t know if all the kids made it to the island or not, there are many places on the island where the boys could have gone.


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the kids got to the island because they were travelling by plane with their school. the plane had troubles and had to land in the island. we know not everyone survived because there are no grown ups, and although we are not told, we know not everyone survived.