Give a one-sentence description of the characters in "Lord of the Flies".For easy reference, can you summarize each character in one sentence?

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I suggest you follow the link at the bottom for a more complete description, but here are some one-sentence descriptions:  

Ralph - He is the level-headed boy who realizes what needs to be done for survival but lacks leadership skills.

Jack - He has good leadership skills but his intent is to rule with an iron-fist and he uses intimidation to get what he wants.

Piggy - He has no leadership skills and is often the butt of jokes and ridicule because of his physical limitations but is wise and knows what the boys should do.   

Simon - He is the first to understand that evil lives inside of each of them and he is the one who speaks with the "Lord of the Flies".

Sam and Eric - Twins who are essentially one person to the extent they end up sharing the name, Samneric, and who represent the majority of the boys or the rest of humanity.

Roger - Jack's henchman who wants power for the sake of power.

Maurice - He represents one who starts out with civility but is won over to the "dark side" and the lust for power because at first he shows restraint but he is soon pulled in to Jack's side.

Littluns - These are the the youngest children and represent, along with Sam and Eric, the mass population, particularly those who follow and especially follow the popular, "fun" leader.

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