In "Lord of the Flies," what is Jack's first important announcment at the assembly and what does he say about Ralph?ch.6/7 

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luannw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In ch. 6, when Jack first speaks, he says they no longer need the conch shell to determine who speaks.  This is a major announcement because the shell has represented order and civilization.  He goes on to say that they should know who needs to speak and that most of them should keep quiet because the others can make the decisions for them.  This is evidence of Jack's emerging role as the leader and as the dictator.  He insinuates that he knows what is best for everyone and that the others should just remain silent and dutifully follow what he commands.  This is the savage coming out in him and this is the role that takes over the boys and the island.  Ralph leans toward a more democratic leadership style, but he lacks the leadership skills that Jack has and is unsuccessful in instituting democracy on island.  Jack doesn't say much about Ralph yet, other than to subtly let the boys know that he doesn't think much of Ralph's leadership style, though Ralph is still able to assert his authority.  At the beginning of chapter 8, however, is the re-election of Ralph as leader much to Jack's anger and embarrassment.  Before the vote, Jack says that he's been a more successful and bountiful leader than Ralph has been.

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