In Lord of the Flies chapter 5, what are the 3 best quotes that symbolize the civilization falling apart? I would also like a brief description for each of the quotes about why they are so significant in symbolizing civilization falling apart.

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In chapter 5, Ralph holds an assembly. He attempts to organize the group of the boys, discipline them for not carrying out their necessary assignments, and encourage them to work together in order to cultivate a civil society. Ralph's opening words reveal that the civilization on the island is gradually falling apart. Ralph tells the boys,

We have lots of assemblies. Everybody enjoys speaking and being together. We decide things. But they don’t get done. (Golding, 112).

The fact that certain policies and assignments are discussed during assemblies, but are never completed, illustrates that civilization is slowly falling apart. The boys are not acting as a group. They neglect their responsibilities, which foreshadows the impending anarchy on the island.

Ralph continues to criticize the boys for their lack of effort. He specifically brings up the importance of the signal fire. Throughout the story, the signal fire can be used as a way to gauge the boys's civility and symbolically represents...

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