In Lord of the Flies chapter 4, what's the physical setting?

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The setting of chapter four is the area of the beach where the boys have basically established a home base. There are the crude shelters that they have pieced together amidst the palm trees, and Golding spends some time describing the beauty of the island. He describes the coral reef and the glittering ocean and the power of the sun to create mirages that would flicker and disappear.

There is also the emerging darkness inside of the boys as Golding describes the scene with Henry and Roger. Henry is playing in the tidal pool and Roger throws rocks at him, just missing as he isn't quite ready to forget all the bonds of civilization.

Chapter four also includes a moment where the boys are staring out to sea and see the smudge of smoke on the horizon from a passing ship. When they rush to the top of the mountain to figure out where there was no signal fire, they are joined by Jack and his hunters who triumphantly return with a pig they killed.

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