Lord of the Flies Questions and Answers
by William Golding

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Lord of the files What is Jacks, Percival, Sam Eric, and Ralph attitude toward being on the island and attitude toward other boys?

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One of the great aspects of Lord of the Flies is Golding's attention to characterization in the novel.  Golding approaches the main characters, particularly Ralph and Jack, independently, so their views and attitudes on the island are very different.  Whereas Jack seems to be ambitious for the sake of power, Ralph seems to accept the leadership role out of his desire to help the younger boys take care of themselves and survive. 

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veronica12398 | Student

The reason the book was so great is the fact that the writer did not just tell the reader about the characters , but he gave them all personalities and different characteristics. He showed the kindest of Ralph who started out as the leader, Ralph showed compassion to the younger boys he took care of them, and truly cared. Then when Jack took over we see the other side of the coin. Jack was the leader not because he cared for the others or wanted to help them ,but his need to control them. Jack is one that needed power not for the good but for his need. Jack took power because the others feared him not out of respect, where as Ralph had power out of respect not fear. Yet at the end of the book when it is all over Ralph is happy to be saved Jack on the other hand looked scared out of his mind. Proving one thing the leader who leads with respect and passion has nothing to fear at the end , where as the one who rules with fear and anger has much to fear in the end.