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by Lord George Gordon Byron

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lord byron has been calle the "pimp" of poetry, agree or disagree? ON what evidence is this question based?

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This pejorative term applied to the great poet, George Lord Byron, seems rather sordid, another example of the penchant for deconstructivism.  Granted Byron was guilty of many indiscretions and philandering; however, he has given us some beautifully resplendent poetry.

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If you describe a "pimp" in the sense of a man who is fond of or a user of ladies for his personal purposes and...

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nikita007 | Student

you may be getting confused here, he has been referred to as a "rock Star", however, I think giving a 19th century poet such modern 21st century names is wrong as they are clearly not in any catagory such as a rock star or a "pimp". He is a great romantic poet, who created the Byronic hero. A pimp is someone who controlls things such as ladies of the night.

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