What is a stanza by stanza summary and the rhyme scheme of "Rain on the Roof" by Coates Kinney?  

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A summary of "Rain on the Roof" by Coates Kinney reveals a poem lauding the healing power of Nature's rain, especially when heard from a cozy bed in a lovely cottage. The first tells that it is pleasant to live and sleep snugly in a cottage on a rainy night. The second, that the tinkle of the rain brings dreamy fancies with bright hues of recollection. In the third the fondest memory of his mother is stirred before him in all her gentle loveliness by the patter of the rain. Next in the fifth comes the bright hued recollection of his sister and brother who died young and transcended to the state of angels. The conflict occurs and is resolved in the sixth stanza when then comes the memory of his faithless love, but he forgets to remember that she was unfaithful as his heart vibrates to the patter of the rain. The resolution of the seventh stanza reveals the speakers assertion that Art can't even equal the subduing strain on sorrowful passions as can the patter of Nature's rain.
The rhyme scheme is an unusual one, but was once used by Mozart in his opera Così fan tutte. The rhyme scheme of the seven stanza octave (eight lines) poem with a rhyme scheme of ABCBDE, FG, with the FG lines ("And to listen to the patter / Of the soft rain overhead!") repeated at the end of each stanza in six variations. Stanzas three and six repeat exactly: "Which is played upon the shingles / By the patter of the rain." Some of the FG position variations are:

Which is played upon the shingles
By the patter of the rain.
And my heart's quick pulses vibrate
To the patter of the rain.