Looking for some parallels in quotes between The Odyssey (Homer) and O, Brother, Where Art Thou? Having difficulty finishing my essay.

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To find parallel quotes between The Odyssey (TO) and O Brother, Where Art Thou? (OBWAT), look to the following parallel scenes between the epic and the film:


  • TO: Blind Tiresias, the prophet, advises Odysseus on how to reach home (Ithaca) in Book 11 of TO.
  • OBWAT: A blind railroad constructor prophesizes the main characters' future in the film's opening.

"Cyclops" Attack/Death

  • TO: Odysseus and crew stab Polyphemus (the Cyclops) in the eye with a flaming wooden spear.
  • OBWAT: One-eyed Big Dan Teague dies by a flaming wooden cross.

Homecoming via Disguise

  • TO: Athene disguises Odysseus as a beggar, so as not to alert the suitors to his homecoming as he sees his wife, Penelope.
  • OBWAT: The main characters wear bearded disguises at the political rally, so Everett can speak with his wife, Penny.

Baptism/Lotus Eaters

  • TO: Odysseus's crew eat the lotus flowers, forgetting their mission and duties due...

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