Looking for some parallels in quotes between The Odyssey (Homer) and O, Brother, Where Art Thou? Having difficulty finishing my essay.

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I hope that parallel ideas, found between the Homer's The Odyssey (referred to as TO) and the film O, Brother, Where Art Thou? (referred to as OB), will help. I do not have a copy of the film in order to provide the direct quote. That said, I can provide you with similar ideas and concepts which the two pieces share. 

Prophecy: OB-The railroad worker tells the men what is to come in their lives. TO- Tiresias tells Odysseus about what will come for him and his men. 

Characterization: OB- Ulysses Everett McGee (portrayed by George Clooney) is cunning, intelligent, and wishes to see his family. TO- Odysseus is characterized in the same way as Ulysses Everett McGee.

Disguise: OB- Everett, Pete, and Delmar dress as KKK members to save Tommy Johnson (the black man who sold his soul to the Devil). TO-Odysseus and his men hide under sheep in order to escape. 

Flames: OB- Big Dan Teague (played by John Goodman) dies by a wooden cross (which is on fire). TO- Polyphemus becomes blinded by a spear on fire. 

Hubris: OB- Everett's hair. TO- Odysseus' general pride. 

Leadership: OB- Pete and Delmar look to Everett as their leader (even when it lands them back in jail). TO- Odysseus' men look to him as their leader, even when it leads them to death. 

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