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If current trends continue, what's the likely state of African Americans in the next 20-30 yrs?

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I've spent years in a couple of more or less inner city schools observing middle level African American children, and unfortunately, I don't feel optimistic about the next few decades for these children.  However, it has less to do with their ethnic background than it does their economic status and the cycle of poverty.  Simply put, adults living in poverty (of all races) often live life just trying to survive and put food on the table each day--and the most well-meaning parent often does not have the time, knowledge, or support to get involved in their child's education.  Unfortunately, there are also a fair number of parents of all races and economic statuses that seem to believe that the schools are responsible for parenting their children.  Attacking the root of so many social problems starts with education, but that education needs to be a partnership between the home and school and all too often the schools get little to no support--although they certainly seem to get attacked any time society needs to point a finger and assign blame.  The schools I've observed are doing everything they can for all of their students, particularly the struggling ones, with the resources they have, but it is a drop in the ocean of problems that need to be dealt with. 

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