Looking for pointers on where to look for an article (academic, editorial, or other) that proposed solution to the problem addressed in Savage Inequalities.  

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I highly recommend that you go to your university library and ask one of the librarians for assistance.  Universities spend big money on 'research databases'--search engines that search not only the the university library's stacks, but also online materials, scholarly journals, and doctoral studies.  Many times accessing these databases require a specific login information for your university (because it is subscription based), but it would definitely be a good starting point for your research concerning Kozol and solutions in education and poverty.  The advantage of using these university databases is two-fold: (1) most come with full access to the documents and articles, and (2) the quality and depth of articles supersedes anything found on google scholars.

I cannot stress what a gold mine your university librarian can be.  They are true research and information professionals.  Not only can the librarian help get you started on your research with the databases, but he or she might also be able to help you find more information in the library itself or hook you up with materials from inter-librarian loan.

Beyond a helpful chat with your local librarian, I also recommend browsing the Educational Resources Information Center.  I included the link below. 


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