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Looking for measurements (height and area) of the Atheny Castle, County Galway, Ireland. Any other measurements that may be relevant e.g. area of towers, etc.

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Athenry Castle is located in Athenry, County Galway, Ireland. The castle was originally built by Meiler de Bermingham beginning in about 1235. The castle was surrounded by a D-plan stone enclosure with round towers on each corner. Inside, de Bermingham built a low-level, half-type one-story great tower (measuring 54 x 34 feet). Beneath it a basement was built. de Bermingham's sons later raised the structure, lifting the ceilings and walls, and added an arched door on the south-east entrance; a staircase was added, and a banquet hall was built along the east wall. The tower was raised again in the 15th century to add two more floors, including an attic, as well as an entrance to the basement. Battlements were added to the top of the tower. The castle has been restored in the 21st century and is now a top tourist attraction of the area.

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