Looking for literary techniques used in this poem.

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Apostrophe is a literary technique where someone absent or dead or something inhuman is addressed as if it is alive or present. Basically this means either talking directly to someone who is dead or not there, or talking directly to a non-human thing.  Throughout the poem, the speaker addresses the tree, it is shown explicitly in the third stanza "But tree, I have seen you taken and tossed".

Personification the giving of human traits/emotions to a non-human thing. The tree is personified in the poem with "tongues talking aloud" and the idea of it watching the speaker "you have seen me when I slept".

Consonance is the repetition of the same consonant sound in close succession, especially on the stressed syllables or at the end of the lines in a poem.  "Taken and tossed", "mine with inner", "could be profound", "had her"

Rhyme Scheme (rhyme is the repetition of an identical or similarly accented sound or sounds) :  abba cddc edde fggf



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