I am looking for a good topic for a college senior sociology research paper, any thoughts?

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Finding a topic is hard work. So, your request is a wise one. With that said, there are so many topics that one can possible choose. In sociology the sky is the limit. So, here are some suggestions in finding a topic. First, try to study something that you love. I think this is the most important point. If you love the topic, then research and writing will not seem like work. And since your paper is in the field of sociology you can write about anything. Second, employ social theories that you know fairly well. Use this social theory on topics that you love. If you follow the two pieces of advice here, then you will be in good shape. Let me give you some examples. How about writing on an aspect of religion, if you are a religious person? This topic will become more and more vital in our world. Other topics can be theories of knowledge, gender roles, wealth/poverty, to name a few.


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