Look through the original commandments on page 33. Which ones have now been broken in Animal Farm?Give story details to explain each violation.

Expert Answers
Lori Steinbach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1.  The animals now have two-legged friends (neighboring farmers, Mr. Whymper--and now the pigs themselves).

2.  They have treated some four-legged creatures, such as Snowball, as enemies.

3.  The pigs are all now wearing clothes.

4.  The pigs are now, apparently, sleeping on beds--or at least some of them are.  They're all sleeping in the farmhouse.

5.  The pigs drink alcohol regularly--and even use the sale of Boxer's carcass to purchase it.

6.  Many animals have been killed by other animals, and particularly by Napoleon's decree and his dogs.

7.  All animals are clearly NOT equal on this farm.

A quick review tells me every one of the original seven commandments has been broken--and the common denominator is the pigs.  Take them out of the equation and you still have a reasonable set of commandments--ironically, as originally set forth by the pigs.